Find out more about the 35th QHRC

Live a unique experience on May 12 & 13, 2022! The 35th Quebec Harm Reduction Conference offers a unique opportunity to be inspired, to learn, to participate and to experiment all forms of nightlife harm reduction.

Get Inspired

Start your day with motivational human encounters. Start your day with motivational human encounters. Let our engaged speakers inspire you during these vibrant moments where humanity is at the core of nightlife harm reduction.

In the early afternoon, expand your mind with exciting presentations that will energize you for the rest of the day.

These inspirational presentations will be punctuated by artistic performances.


Through short presentations and panel discussions on various themes, guests from Canada and abroad who share common values and visions will offer a look at the daily life of nightlife settings and new perspectives in harm reduction. 

Get off the beaten path and broaden your perspective on nightlife harm reduction by immersing yourself in its history, the knowledge of service providers, consent and sexual violence prevention in a nightlife settings (virtual on May 13), new trends in psychoactive substances, partnerships and collaborations, nightlife policies, the role of communities in the nightlife environments, party accessibility (virtual on May 13), and more.


Unconventional life paths and career journeys give those who take them a different way of thinking about the world. Come together for interactive workshops, lively discussions and moments of collective reflection, sharing of ideas and action.  Approach your daily life in a new way and turn your perceived challenges into opportunities. 

Build a culture of collaboration by sharing information such as adapting the nightlife harm reduction to other festive cultures, organizing events in nightlife settings, implementing a substance drug checking service, raising awareness of the impact of nightlife on communities.. Also, learn how to become an active bystander in a nightlife setting, promote tools and pass on information.


What better way to reinvigorate and re-energize than to experience intervention in nightlife settings! Experimentation is an antidote to obsolete thinking and routine. Let the festival participants resonate within you. Imagine yourself at the heart of the party and experience a simulated environment while discovering its mechanics.

Awaiting you in the Experimentation Room are best practices of prevention kiosks, drug checking services, training in the administration of naloxone, psychosocial support services, chill space of our partners and collaborators.

You will also be able to experiment in a virtual context.


On the evening of May 12th, join us for a cocktail to create links and come together.

May 12

Hybrid Event

May 13