Training for the Community Sector



The purpose of the PROFAN 2.0 [Preventing and Reducing Overdoses / Training and Accessing Naloxone] training program is to meet the needs of people working and volunteering in the community sector and train them on what to do before, during and after overdose situations

Target Audience

The training is mainly intended for people involved in the Quebec community sector who are likely to be confronted with opioid overdose situations and who wish to develop the necessary skills to identify situations of risk of overdose and be equipped to deal with them.

General Objective of the Program

Learn how to act in an opioid overdose situation

Specific Training Objective

Following the training day, participants will be able to take a coordinated approach to prevent and manage opioid overdoses, to respond quickly and appropriately to overdose situations and reduce the related deaths.

Participants will be able to:

  • Know opioids, their uses and associated risks;
  • Identify approaches and strategies to prevent opioid overdoses;
  • Recognize the signs and symptoms of opioid overdoses;
  • Act in opioid overdose situations;
  • Access and administer naloxone;
  • Restore balance following intervention in opioid overdose situations.

Duration of the Training

One full day – 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Pedagogical Approach

Presentation co-facilitated by experienced practitioners and peer trainers, supported by data and concrete examples, videos, case studies and testimonials.

Each module consists of a theoretical presentation and individual or group practical exercises.

The training will include integration activities, practical exercises and a naloxone administration exercise, which will tie in with the theoretical aspects, foster learning and therefore assist in practical application. Periods will be provided during the training to allow participants to comment, ask questions, and to share their experiences, in order to retain the best practices to be adopted during the overdose situations discussed.

Training Tools

Participants will be given a workbook, including exercises and a checklist for developing or adapting an intervention protocol for organizations to deal with overdoses.

Details and Conditions of the Training

  • Group of 10 to 12 people
  • Coffee, lunchbox and material provided on site
  • Intervention protocol in an overdose situation memory aid provided by the training team and naloxone kit (according to governmental modalities)
  • Reference documents available to participants in an online toolbox
  • Certificate of participation in the PROFAN 2.0 training program sent by email

Registration Procedures

Organizations who wish to host one or several trainings in their region or individuals who want to attend one must notify us of their interest by filling this online form by July 31st at the latest